why do cats like shoes

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Convenient placement

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  • Why does my cat lay on my Shoes?

  • For some reason, tons of cat owners will verify that they have or have had a cat that loves to lay on shoes. Something about that intoxicating scent of a million different smells mixed together on the bottom of your feet intrigues your little buddy, he wants to smell where you鈥檝e been all day.

  • Do cats chew on sweaty shoes?

  • A cats鈥?sense of smell is probably their most powerful and important sense. It鈥檚 around 14 times as strong as ours. They also have an organ called Jacobson鈥檚 organ, which is in the roof of their mouth and enables them to essentially taste scents. That鈥檚 not a nice thought, is it? Chewing on sweaty shoes! Well, it has the opposite effect on cats.

  • Why does sweat attract cats?

  • Pheromones in human sweat can please a cat just like catnip does. This is a mark of respect to the visceral connection between human and feline. Also, the sweat makes your shoes salty and the salty taste in your footwear can entice the cat since there are various scents that remain in the shoes from the outside.

  • How do you store your shoes when you have a cat?

  • Keeping your shoes stored away in a closet or in a sealed plastic bin can be a quick solution. Remember that cats are very good at climbing, so simply storing them up on a high shelf might not be enough to make your shoes inaccessible.

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