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  • Why choose Kuru footwear?

  • KURU Footwear specializes in uncommon solutions to these common problems. Our lineup features shoes designed to target your unique needs. From shoes that offer plenty of space to soothe bunions or hammertoes, to anti-slip shoes with enough cushion to support your double shift: We can help you find the ideal shoe for your day-to-day needs.

  • What is a Kuru sole?

  • In 2008, Kuru Shoes was born, leading to the creation of their signature KURUSOLE 鈥揳 special type of shoe sole designed for maximum comfort and performance . In an interview with Footwear News, Rasumussen gives his insight into creating the best, high-performance shoe, 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 realize that footwear is a combination of art and science.

  • Are kuru sandals good for back pain?

  • Breeze: These sandals are suitable for all types of women and come in four colors. Many people who suffer from back pain find it helpful to wear sneakers. Kuru makes sneakers that have more padding and offer more support than similar shoes do.

  • What are the best men鈥檚 Kuru shoes?

  • Men鈥檚 Kuru Shoes Review 1 Kuru D raft Shoes. As we pay more attention to buying shoes for outerwear, it鈥檚 typical that the at-home slipper is a purchase we don鈥檛 think about. 2 C hicane. If you are an outdoorsy, nature lover kind of person, investing in the right pair of athletic footwear is quite important. 3 Q uantum. … 4 AALTO Chukka. …

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