where to buy shoes in korea

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ABC Mart

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  • Where to buy Korean men鈥檚 shoes?

  • Another brand that offers high-quality Korean men鈥檚 shoes is SUPERSTARI. It鈥檚 a one-stop fashion store that includes outers, t-shirts, pants, shirts, accessories, bags, and of course, shoes. They mostly offer casual and sports shoes like daily sneakers, track shoes, trail walkers, and army sneakers.

  • Where can I buy street style clothing in Korea?

  • Musinsa is a popular Korean marketplace that carries both men鈥檚 and women鈥檚 street style clothing. Popular shoe brands include Adidas, Converse, Vans, Tevas, and Nike. I usually buy unisex shoes like sneakers from Musinsa since most Korean women鈥檚 shoe brands do not offer bigger shoe sizes.

  • Where to buy faux leather shoes in South Korea?

  • Youbyyeolna is another affordable faux-leather (synthetic) Korean shoe store that stocks shoe sizes up to 270. Ready2Wear is a premium clothing brand with a minimal, classic aesthetic in South Korea that carries leather shoes up to a KR 260 (US 9).

  • Is shopping for shoes in Korea worth it?

  • Shopping for shoes in Korea is totally worth it! In addition to these shoe brands, you can also consider shopping at small stores in Dongdaemun and other shopping malls. These little shops are great for buying dress shoes with unique designs and features. We hope our list helps and let us know how your shopping goes!

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