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  • What shoes did Kobe wear before Nike?

  • Shortly after winning the 2002 NBA championship, Kobe opted out of his Adidas contract and become a free agent for about a year. During this time, he wore basketball shoes from brands like Jordan and Reebok. In 2003, he signed a massive deal with Nike. Their partnership launched his now iconic line of Kobe shoes.

  • How much are Kobe Bryant shoes worth today?

  • What a perfect way to have a remembrance is to buy Kobe Bryant shoes. For example, Kobe 9 Protro Undefeated Los Angeles Lakers, which was initially sold for $190. After Kobe died, the price came spiraling up to $945. Even a takedown Kobe shoe that retailed for only $99 suddenly increased in heaps that theyre selling it now for $150.

  • Was Kobe Bryant the greatest basketball player ever?

  • Kobe Bean Bryant, or Kobe to millions of fans, was surely among the most successful basketball players in history. His name is easily up there with The King LeBron James, superstar Shaquille O’Neal, and even Kobe’s own idol Michael Jordan . After being drafted to the NBA in 1996, Kobe Bryant immediately signed with Germany-based Adidas.

  • Why is Vanessa Bryant divorcing Kobe Bryant from Nike?

  • The divorce between Kobe Bryants estate and Nike has been a messy one: After Vanessa Bryant allowed her late husbands contract with the Swoosh to expire earlier this year, the company proceeded to produce Nike Kobe 6 Protro Mambacita sneakers, which Ms. Bryant said were designed in honor of her late daughter Gigi and never intended to be made .

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