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  • Where are Alden shoes made?

  • Alden Shoes have been made in the USA by skilled shoemakers in Middleborough, Massachusetts since 1884. Both Stock Program shoes and Custom Bootmaker Edition Alden shoes are available at TheShoeMart.com.

  • How much do Alden shell cordovan boots cost?

  • Quick view Choose Options. Alden Men’s 40218HC Tanker Boot Color 8 Shell Cordovan $839.00 Quick view Choose Options. Alden Shoes Men’s Shell Cordovan Traveler Slip On Boot D8709 Color 8 $767.00 Quick view Choose Options. Alden Men’s D8832 Shell Cordovan PCT Boot – Color 8 with Antique $779.00 Quick view Choose Options.

  • What is an Alden shank?

  • The shank is the backbone of the shoe, and the Alden brand shanks are designed to provide the proper support and shape for people who spend much of their time walking and on their feet. Our Alden shoes for sale are made in the USA. Here at Sherman Brothers Shoes, we sell Alden shoes that are designed for both style and comfort.

  • What kind of shoes are Alden Penny slip on color 8?

  • ALDEN Penny Slip On Color 8 Shell Cordovan #96288 DEPOSIT ONLY Since 1884, The Alden Shoe Company has designed and manufactured classic gentlemen’s footwear to represent America’s nearly lost tradition of custom shoemaking at its finest.

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