where can you recycle old shoes

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  • Are shoes recyclable?

  • Generally, you can recycle any type of shoe. However, what you can and cannot recycle will be dependent on each service for recycling. For example, Nike and similar programs only recycle athletic sneakers. Some brands may just recycle their own specific brand of shoes.

  • How do you recycle Nike shoes?

  • Nike has tried to make it easy to recycle shoes by putting drop boxes in their retail stores. You can use their website to find a participating store near you. Nike will then take those shoes and use them in a variety of ways through their Nike Grind program.

  • What do you do with your old shoes?

  • Runners Roost is a program that is currently only local to Colorado. They take old shoes and recycle them into tracks, playgrounds, and shoes for homeless communities or veterans. You can drop off shoes at any Runners Roost location.

  • Where can I drop my shoes off for sale?

  • You can get in on the action by dropping your shoes at participating Nike and Converse Factory stores (here’s a list of them). You can also take beat-up shoes by any brand to Columbia stores and participating Asics stores ( here’s a list ).

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