where are suffolk pointe shoes made

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  • Why choose Suffolk® handmade pointe shoes?

  • Combining the high wings with our patented design, Suffolk handmade pointe shoes guide the foot into proper placement en pointe. The Variation Collection is for the dancer that loves the aesthetic of the classic turn pointe shoe but wants the longevity and performance of a pointe shoe with heavy paste and high wings.

  • Which pointe shoes last the longest?

  • The Premiere Collection is our hardest working collection of pointe shoes. With heavy paste and high wings, these pointe shoes are made to last. The hard paste and durable shanks allow this collection to be the longest lasting pointe shoes in the dance industry.

  • Are pointe shoes made from old molds?

  • Yet, despite this evolution, most pointe shoemakers still build shoes based on lasts (shoe molds) made decades ago. Suffolk Pointe Shoes are made from modern lasts designed and hand-carved by an engineer and master pointe shoemaker and then computer-graded for perfect sizing. So they fit the modern dancer鈥檚 foot.

  • What are the best pointe shoes made in Canada?

  • Princapal by Chan Hon Goh are the only pointe shoes designed and manufactured in Canada. For every pair of pointe shoes that are purchased, Goh makes a donation to dance programs, competitions, and non-profit organizations in Canada. ReArt is an Italian pointe shoe brand with shoes made for wide feet.

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