where are geox shoes made

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  • Are Geox shoes better than other brands?

  • Not that this brand is better, it just happened so that Geox was more available and had better fit for that particular season. The shoes are very well made, hold up for a whole season and will continue living out their lives as hand-me-downs.

  • Where are Geox products made?

  • The company, which produces largely in Cambodia, Vietnam, India and Croatia, has seen a pickup in business. 鈥淲e鈥檙e finding there is an opportunity to talk to people about the value of not being made in China,鈥?said Roberto Perrone, U.S. country manager for Geox.

  • What is the Geox patent?

  • The patent that revolutionised the world of apparel. The exclusive GEOX apparel patent has transferred Geox comfort and breathability to the world of outerwear. Geox combines urban-inspired design with innovative technologies to create unique footwear and clothing collections.

  • What is the meaning of Geox?

  • The origin of the Geox name highlights the vocation and DNA of a company born of a revolutionary idea and that has made comfort, wellbeing, and innovation its corporate musts.

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