where are blowfish shoes manufactured

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  • What is the largest size in Blowfish Malibu shoes?

  • Yes, the largest size we make in Blowfish Malibu is a Size 11. Please refer to our size guide for any questions regarding fit. Do you make wide sizes in Blowfish Malibu shoes?

  • Who is Blowfish Malibu?

  • Blowfish Malibu was born when our founders teamed together to create a shoe brand that embodied the place they loved most: Malibu, California. For every season since, Blowfish Malibu has delighted shoe lovers with comfortable, on-trend styles.

  • What is the replacement policy for Blowfish shoes?

  • Product replacements will typically only be considered on shoes purchased within the past 30 days, with a valid proof of purchase. All damaged products are reviewed on a case by case basis. What is the return policy for Blowfish Malibu shoes?

  • How do I Clean my Blowfish Malibu shoes?

  • Typically, we recommend gently spot cleaning your sneaker with colorless soap and water and a cloth, and leaving outside to dry. Where can I try on or purchase Blowfish Malibu shoes?

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