when to replace brake shoes

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70,000 and 100,000 miles

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  • How often should I replace my brake shoes?

  • When to replace brake shoes, depends on your driving habits, but it is usually more often than brake pads. But, how many miles do you think you can go before having to replace those shoes? They are built to last about 35,000 miles. But, like with many parts on a car, it depends on how you drive.

  • What happens during a rear brake shoe replacement?

  • A brake shoe replacement can be a complicated process. Here鈥檚 a look at what your mechanic will be doing during a rear brake shoe replacement: They鈥檒l jack up the rear axle and make sure the parking brake is released. Then, it鈥檚 time for them to remove the rear brake drum.

  • How much do brake shoe replacements cost?

  • The cost of your brake shoe replacement will depend on a few factors: Material: The brake shoe material has an impact on the pricing. Ceramic or semi-metallic shoes can cost around $20-$50. Size: The size of the brake shoe is a major cost driver.

  • How long do brake shoes last?

  • Rear brake shoes generally last about twice as long brake pads because of the vehicle鈥檚 brake bias. Front brakes (which are typically disc brakes) take up more of the braking force than the rear brakes (which tend to use drum brake shoes).

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