when to replace brake shoes

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The number of times you change brake shoes in a year really depends on the type of vehicle you drive. But a good way of knowing when you need to change them would be to listen to your car. If your car makesscreeching or squealing noises when you brake, then that鈥檚 a clear indication you have to replace brake shoes immediately.

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  • When should you change your rear brake shoes?

  • If your brakes are squealing or aren鈥檛 working as effectively, it鈥檚 time to change your rear brake shoes. In order to do so, you need to remove the brake drums so you can pull out the old brake pads and replace them with new ones. Start by jacking up the vehicle and removing the wheel to access the brake drum behind it.

  • How long do brake shoes last?

  • Rear brake shoes generally last about twice as long brake pads because of the vehicle鈥檚 brake bias. Front brakes (which are typically disc brakes) take up more of the braking force than the rear brakes (which tend to use drum brake shoes).

  • What happens if you don鈥檛 replace brake pads and shoes?

  • If the pads or shoes are not replaced, the friction material will be worn off entirely, exposing the steel pieces that held the material. When these steel pieces come into contact with the discs or drums, excessively long braking distances and damage to the discs and drums will result.

  • How much do brake shoe replacements cost?

  • The cost of your brake shoe replacement will depend on a few factors: Material: The brake shoe material has an impact on the pricing. Ceramic or semi-metallic shoes can cost around $20-$50. Size: The size of the brake shoe is a major cost driver.

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