what to look for when buying climbing shoes

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When it comes to buying climbing shoes, all bets are off. Your number one goal should be to find theshoe that best fits YOUR foot. As a general rule of thumb, men鈥檚 shoes tend to have a wider toe box and higher heel cup, whereas women鈥檚 models will be narrower and have a lower heel cup.

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  • How to choose rock climbing shoes?

  • Rock climbing shoes are the interface between you and the rock, and the wrong type of shoe or fit can hold you back. When choosing climbing shoes, there are three primary considerations: Climbing shoe type: Choose between neutral, moderate and aggressive shoes depending on what kind of climbing you intend to do.

  • What should climbing shoes feel like?

  • Some of this depends on what your climbing and your personal tolerance, but as a beginner, you climbing shoes should feel like a fell fitted, firm, glove. You shouldn鈥檛 feel any pain and ought to be able to wear your shoes for at least 30 minutes at a time without any significant issues. A little yes, but not too much.

  • What are moderate climbing shoes good for?

  • This slight downturn makes moderate shoes great for daily technical climbing on slabs, cracks, long multi-pitch and mildly overhung sport routes. On the spectrum of comfort and rubber stickiness, moderate shoes fall right between their neutral and aggressive counterparts, as you might expect.

  • When is the best time to try on climbing shoes?

  • Also, it鈥檚 best to try on shoes at the end of the day, as your feet will naturally swell, up to half a size, just from standing and walking. If the shop has a small climbing wall or a board with some foot chips, test out the shoes, how they edge and smear, and how balanced you feel.

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