what to look for in dress shoes

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  • How do you know what type of shoes to wear?

  • Looking for the Right Shoes Look at and feel the leather. Dress shoes made of leather are the ideal choice. Select shoes with a moderately shaped toe. Dress shoes range from squared toes to narrowly pointed toes, but neither is your best option. Pick shoes with a heel that鈥檚 less than one inch high.

  • What shoes look best with dresses?

  • One of the questions we get asked the most at Who What Wear is what shoes look best with dresses. There are certain classic choices that will go with every dress in your wardrobes, such as white pumps, leather sliders and wedge espadrilles.

  • What are the best tips for choosing the right dress shoes?

  • Dress shoes can range from expensive hand-crafted footwear to wear with a tuxedo, to casual loafers for a low-key summer party. Pay attention to the leather, the toe, and the heel of the shoes for the proper dressy look. It’s important to always try shoes on and walk around in them to make sure they feel right.

  • What kind of boots should I wear with a dress?

  • For days when it’s a little cooler, black Chelsea boots or black heeled ankle boots is the best option. These can look a little awkward with dresses just over the knee, so they work better with midi and ankle-grazing lengths. Look best with: Pretty dresses鈥?it pays to embrace the contrast.

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