what time does footlocker release shoes online

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  • When does Foot Locker restock online?

  • When Does Foot Locker Restock Online? Like Footlocker stores, Foot Locker restocks their inventories online daily. But the store did not specify what stocks they refill every day. To be sure, you can contact their customer service or message them on their social media accounts.

  • When will the item be visible on the Foot Locker app?

  • The item will be visible on the Foot Locker App 3/5 days before the actual release date. You will then see the option to enter the draw only for selected releases, for in-store collection only.

  • Can I pre-order through the Foot Locker website?

  • We don鈥檛 generally accept pre-orders through our website, but sometimes exceptions may be made for special products or promotions. How do popular or limited releases work? Foot Locker releases new products all the time but occasionally a product is much more popular than others, such as a re-release of a retro range or a limited edition design.

  • Is Foot Locker a sneaker store?

  • … Foot Locker is the destination for all things sneaker! You can find us at the intersection of style and sport, ready with the hottest launches, iconic silhouettes, and latest performance tech. You probably have a favorite brand 鈥?luckily for you, we carry the best.

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