what size snow shoes to buy

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The most popular size for a snowshoe is between25 and 27 inches long. The shoe is between nine and 10 inches wide. These are recommended for most snowshoers who weigh up to 195 pounds. Snowshoes that are made for women are generally between 22 and 25 inches long and seven to eight inches wide.

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  • What size snowshoes do I Need?

  • Snowshoes for deep snow are going to be at least six inches wide. Specialty snowshoes, such as those made for running, are about 22 to 25 inches long. Kids snowshoes are only about 20 inches long and six inches wide. You secure your boots to the snowshoe with bindings.

  • Where to buy snowshoes?

  • You can now buy snowshoes in lots of places from big box stores to Amazon to traditional outdoor stores like REI and MEC. You can even buy snowshoes at Costco. In general, I think it鈥檚 best to buy snowshoes from an outdoor store. They will have the best selection, have staff that can help you choose snowshoes, and usually have a very good warranty.

  • How to choose snowshoes for the terrain?

  • How to choose snowshoes for the terrain: flat trails, steep mountains or snowshoe running What size snowshoes you should buy: consider your weight, the gear you are carrying, the snow conditions and your gender

  • What are the best mountain snowshoes for hiking?

  • Best Mountain Snowshoes: When it comes to mountain snowshoes, you absolutely need to have MSR snowshoes. They are based in Seattle so their snowshoes are designed for climbing steep mountains. If you鈥檙e on a budget, the MSR Evo Ascent snowshoes are great.

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