what size is 38 shoes

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The number 38 is used for women in the European shoe sizing system. Usually, in Europe, womens size is four digits shorter than the mens size. If you are a woman with European size 38, then it is42 in EU mens and 7.5 in U.S. women and 5.5 in U.S. men.

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  • What is the European size 38 Shoe size?

  • For women, the European shoe size 38 coverts to a U.S. size 7 1/2. In men’s shoes, size 38 equals an American size 6 shoe. A size 38 shoe is designed to fit a foot 9 5/8 inches long. Around the world, countries use a variety of measurements for shoes. For example, in Japan, European size 38 converts to size 24 for men and 23 1/2 for women.

  • What is the size of 38 in feet?

  • What is size 38 in shoes? Euro Size 38 is US size: 7.5 with foot length of 23.8 centimeters or 9.375鈥?/div>What is size 38 in shoes? – FootWear Joy

  • What size is 37 in the US?

  • The most common sizes for women are size 39 , EU size 37 is 6.5 US, and size 38 in the US is 7.5. Find your perfect shoe size easily! Convert any size to US sizes for men, women, and kids.

  • What is a 40 in shoe size?

  • (It is a men’s size 7.5 in the US) or What is a size 40 in shoes? (that’d be a US men’s size 9.5), read on to learn how to measure shoe sizes in different countries. How do you measure shoe size?

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