what shoes to wear with summer dresses

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Some of the best shoes to wear with dresses in the summer 鈥?but can also work year-round 鈥?aresneakers. Or aka in other parts of the world as tennis shoes. White sneakers in particular always look fresh.

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  • What shoes to wear with a sundress?

  • For a casual sporty feel, pair your sundress with some classic white sneakers. Already an essential, sneakers somehow work with even the most feminine of dresses. Not only do the shoes add an unexpected twist to a nicer outfit, but they鈥檙e comfortable, too鈥攁lways a plus.

  • What are the best shoes to wear with a dress?

  • One of the easiest and most versatile shoes we can slip on with practically any dress we own are comfy, flat slides. Try them with luxe details such as buckles, mock croc, or woven leather. Up next, I’m not a dress person but I seriously might buy into these 5 new trends.

  • What kind of denim dresses should you wear in summer?

  • Denim Mini Dresses: cute and flirty, pair this type of denim dress with strappy heels, slides or mules for a fun summer look. Tiered Denim Sun Dresses: perfect and breezy for summer, these types of jean dresses are mostly made of chambray.

  • What color shoes should I wear with a brown dress?

  • Brown dresses match with red shoes. Black dresses match well with shoes of any color. With multicolored dresses, wear black shoes (if the colors on the dress are dark) or white if the colors on the dress are bright. Sparkling dresses look best with flesh-colored shoes.

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