what shoes have a wide toe box

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  • What are the best wide toe box sneakers?

  • Best Wide Toe Box Sneakers 1. Altra Torin 4 Plush Road Running Shoe. If you love the mechanics of a minimalist shoe, but desire more cushion, the… 2. Brooks Ghost 12 Road Running Shoe. The Brooks Ghost 12 is an excellent neutral running shoe, offering the foot more… 3. New Balance Fresh Foam …

  • What is a wide toe box?

  • A wide toe box is when the part of your boots or shoes that is on the wide side is made to fit people with wider feet. The function of practical footwear and the comfort of the toe box are both very important.

  • Why do Altra shoes have wide toe boxes?

  • The toe box on this shoe is extremely wide, like many of Altra鈥檚 shoes. The size of the toe box allows your toes to spread out comfortably which can also improve your balance. This is a zero-drop shoe, which means there is no height difference between the toe and the heel.

  • Are wide toe box shoes good for bunion-ridden feet?

  • Browsing the Wide Toe Box Shoes Category Wide toe box shoes are a godsend for bunion-ridden feet or feet that need extra room due to neuropathy, even hammertoes. The extra room at the forefoot allows toes to spread out naturally.

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