what shoes does lebron james wear

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Size 15

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  • What is LeBron James鈥?shoe size?

  • A sneakerhead with a lifelong Nike contract, LeBron James is a shoe size 15. As many of you might know, the average man shoe size in the US is anywhere size 10. What is really intriguing is that other basketball players in the team who are shorter than the 33-year-old Akron, Ohio resident wear the very same shoe size, according to Sole Collector.

  • Does LeBron James have his own signature shoe line?

  • In addition to his main signature shoe with Nike, now on its 18th version, LeBron James lends his name to Nikes Zoom Soldier line, and is also a fashion icon known for his stylish clothes. LeBron, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, has a signature shoe line with Nike, with it currently being on the LeBron 17.

  • Is the LeBron VI a good shoe?

  • The LeBron VI drew inspiration from one of Nikes most popular shoes of the 80s: the Nike Air Force 1 High. Though the LeBron VI appears simple in design at first glance, a closer look reveals fine details and high quality components.

  • What is the cushioning pad on LeBron James鈥檚 first signature shoes?

  • The primary cushioning pad utilized Nike鈥檚 Zoom Air, which stayed in place for the entire Nike LeBron line until the LeBron VII switched to Air Max cushioning. To this day, LeBron鈥檚 first signature shoes are highly sought after among collectors.

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