what shoes does dave grohl wear

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  • What is Dave Grohl鈥檚 weight?

  • Dave Grohl weighs 182 lbs (82 kg). What shoe size does Dave Grohl wear? Dave Grohl鈥檚 shoe size is 11 US (44 EU). What is Dave Grohl鈥檚 zodiac sign? Dave Grohl鈥檚 zodiac sign is Capricorn.

  • What guitar does Dave Grohl use?

  • Table Showing the Guitars Dave Grohl Used at Each Point in His Career Make Gibson Model 1967 Trini Lopez Standard ES-335 Color/Finish Cherry Red Years 1992-Present

  • How did Dave Grohl hit his hi hats?

  • Along with high-mounted drums, Grohl used a special Sonor hi-hat stand to ensure the hi-hats were placed at almost head height. This meant he could naturally hit them with the thickest part of the drum stick shaft (especially as the sticks were upside down!).

  • What are some of Dave Grohl鈥檚 signature fills?

  • The list of Grohl signature fills like this is not a modest one. The intro to 鈥楬ey, Johnny Park!鈥? the kick into 鈥楿p the Arms鈥?and the chorus of 鈥楴o-One Knows鈥?by Queens of the Stone Age are great examples from said list.

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