what shoes do i wear with a walking boot

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Higher sneakers

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  • What makes a good walking boot?

  • All walking boots have a rigid frame and adjustable closure system. The stiffer the boot, the more support and immobilization you鈥檒l have in your foot and ankle. Some walking boots will have a rocker sole, which helps roll your foot forward when you walk without placing your foot under pressure.

  • Can you wear a walking boot if you have another foot?

  • Though most of them are worn to allow the other ailing feet heal and recover effectively, one can always wear them in case they experience any forms of limb imbalances. Why wear a walking shoe with a walking boot?

  • How do you wear a walking boot with trousers?

  • Wide and straight leg style trousers can also cover the walking boot so that only the foot is visible. If you can get away with a maxi skirt, go for that. The shoe on your good foot should have a mid to low heel and have a sole thick enough for your gait to be even.

  • Should I wear a walking shoe on my shorter leg?

  • This would strain your walking and entire recovery of your other leg. If you suffer from the legs height imbalance, you might need to wear an extra shoe on the shorter leg. Some people will consider inserting some padding to the length of one sole while others will consider wearing an additional walking shoe on top of the walking boots.

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