what shoes do i wear with a walking boot

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You should always wearsupportive shoeswith your walking boot. An athletic shoe is advised. Athletic shoes are recommended because they are not only comfortable and supportive but have a thick sole so that the feet will be evened out.

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  • What is a a walking boot?

  • A walking boot is a type of medical shoe used to protect the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery.

  • Should you wear walking shoes on top of boots?

  • One of the reasons why you would want to be on a walking shoe on top of your normal walking boots is to help reduce the pressure exerted on your shorter limb. This is due to all the body weight being lowered on it.

  • What is the best shoe lift for walking boots?

  • Procare Shoe Lift is designed to offer a 1 inch lift to the shorter leg when wearing a walking boot. It has a sturdy rubber sole, can be worn on either the right or left foot. It also features a single hook and loop for quick adjustments.

  • Are orthopedic walking boots good for You?

  • Orthopedic walking boots are recommended when one has a foot injury or surgery, as it helps in quick recovery. They are in a design that takes care and helps rejuvenate broken tendons and bones, and also intense foot sprain. They are thick and less flexible for better functionality.

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