what shoes do i wear with a walking boot

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You should always wearsupportive shoeswith your walking boot. An athletic shoe is advised. Athletic shoes are recommended because they are not only comfortable and supportive but have a thick sole so that the feet will be evened out.

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  • Can you wear a walking boot on the other foot?

  • For other foot. The most important thing to do in order to wear a walking boot comfortably is to ensure that you are wearing a shoe of the same height on the opposite foot. A running shoe often works well if it has a higher heel than forefoot. Many shoes will require a heel lift to be added to the shoe.

  • What is a a walking boot?

  • A walking boot is a type of medical shoe used to protect the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery.

  • What kind of Boots do you wear for ankle injuries?

  • Walking Boots for Foot and Ankle Injuries. Walking boots are also called walkers, cast boots, Aircast boot, medical boot, walking cast and fracture boots. Keep in mind that walkers are usually just a part of an overall treatment plan. We recommend you see your podiatrist for complete treatment.

  • How do you wear a walking boot with trousers?

  • Wide and straight leg style trousers can also cover the walking boot so that only the foot is visible. If you can get away with a maxi skirt, go for that. The shoe on your good foot should have a mid to low heel and have a sole thick enough for your gait to be even.

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