what shoes did marty mcfly wear

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White Nike Bruin sneakers

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  • What shoes did Marty McFly wear in back to the future 2?

  • Besides the hoverboard, no other item from Back to the Future Part II has captured the geeky minds of superfans than Marty鈥檚 self-lacing Nike sneakers. Nike actually released a limited amount of replica versions of the MAG in 2011 to raise money for Michael J. Fox鈥檚 Parkinson鈥檚 Disease research foundation.

  • What kind of Shoes does Marty Marty wear?

  • By 2015, Nike was manufacturing power-lacing shoes known as the Nike MAG, which were worn by Marty Jr. and Marty Sr. when he had to pose as his future son.

  • What kind of suit did Marty McFly wear?

  • The day of the skateboard chase 鈥?Marty wore the same red and gray jacket, this time with a black shirt with red chain link pattern, brown pants and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes. That zoot suit Marty wore a gray wool suit, a white shirt and narrow red tie, that afterwards he called a 鈥?zoot suit 鈥?

  • How to dress like Marty McFly?

  • Still, this is probably the most important bit of clothing you will want if trying to dress like Marty McFly. The original was a dark orange (rust) down vest made by Class-5. Several thousand Back to the Future Fans are constantly on the hunt for one of these gems, so good luck finding one in good condition and at the proper size.

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