what shoes can i wear with afo brace

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SHOE RECOMMENDATIONS: For adults with AFO’s,we recommend any of the shoes in ourExtra-Extra Depth Shoes. Our best sellers include Drew Shoes with the Plus Fitting System. For children with AFOs,we recommend the Answer2 Children’s Shoes .

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  • What are AFO brace shoes?

  • Shop AFO brace shoes with us today! Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO): A brace (usually plastic) worn on the lower leg and foot to support the ankle, hold the foot and ankle in the correct position and correct foot-drop or other biomechanical problems with the foot.

  • What shoes should I wear with AFOs or splints?

  • Here are our top tips for buying shoes to wear with AFOs or splints. 1. The heel is low, but not too flat A high heel or completely flat sole can change how an AFO works. This can be bad for your feet and affect your walking. Look for a shoe with low heel height.

  • What brands do you offer for orthotics and AFOs?

  • Our best-selling brands include Drew Shoes with the plus-fitting system, Orthofeet, and Darco, among others. We also offer a line of shoes for children by Answer2 that accommodate AFOs. These state-of-the-art shoes are designed to work with custom orthotics, AFOs, KAGOs and internal modifications as well with three layers of removable inserts.

  • What is the best foot brace for drop foot?

  • VERSATILE: This soft Dorsiflexion Foot Drop brace is one size fits most, (up to 12 inch ankle or foot circumference) can be worn on right or left foot is unisex COMFORT: Made of soft and lightweight material which makes this brace for drop foot ideal for all day or night wear. 2.

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