what shoe size is 9 in mexico

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US size 1

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  • What is the size of shoe in Mexico?

  • The size of Mexican shoes can be divided into three categories, men, women, and kids. Men鈥檚 shoe size in Mexico starts from 19 cm. and the largest size of shoe is 34 cm. There鈥檚 a size chart below to provide you a clearer idea about the shoe size of Mexico for men.

  • What is a size 24 shoe size in the US?

  • The sizes run to 10, 11, 12 until size 24, which in the US is a size 6Y or 9 inches. Each size in Mexican kids shoe sizes have a 鈪?inches or 0.375 inches. Mexican to US Shoe Size Conversion Mexican Shoe Size Conversion Chart

  • What does 19 5 mean in shoe size?

  • A Mexican women size 19.5 for example, means that the wearer鈥檚 foot measures 19.5 cm. This can be converted to a US 2.5 which is 7 鈪?inches. The same rule applies to men. A Mexican shoe size 20 means 20 cm in foot length.

  • What is a 6 shoe size in the US?

  • Shoes for men Men鈥檚 shoe size in the USA starts from 6 typically, which equals around 24 cm. of Mexican shoe size. Because of having larger feet proportionally, US shoe size starts from 6 and ends up at 20. Follow the size chart below.

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