what is pvc sole in shoes

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Polyvinyl chloride

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  • What is PVC soles?

  • Pic credit to Farfetch.com PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride is a plastic polymer widely used in things from shower curtains, water pipes to soles for footwear. PVC Soles are mainly done with direct injection process but can also be made as PVC foam boards which are calendared and cut.

  • What is the best material for shoe soles?

  • However, shoes that use a rubber sole tend to be very heavy. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a good synthetic material used for making the shoe soles. PVC is a good substitute for leather as it is very cost-effective. PVC is also known for being very strong and resilient to abrasion, and hence it is used for developing durable shoe soles.

  • What are the uses of PVC in shoes?

  • They are often used in home and children’s shoes, and earlier they were especially widely used for special shoes, since when mixed with rubber, PVC receives properties such as oil and gas resistance.

  • What is a synthetic sole?

  • What Is a Synthetic Sole? Materials such as rubber and leather are natural. Rubber comes from a plant; leather comes from an animal. A synthetic sole is constructed from a manmade material such as PVC and EVA.

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