what is a chuck shoe

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  • What is a Chuck Taylor basketball shoe?

  • All about the Converse All Star 鈥淐huck Taylor鈥?canvas basketball shoe, the classic American sneaker, as seen in films, photographs, articles, and tv shows. Learn about the lore of chucks and their media buzz in our review pages, ChuckTalk features, stories, and cartoons about why people like wearing chucks.

  • What is the meaning of Chuck?

  • From northern England. How are you, chuck? See more words with the same meaning: friend, friends. Last edited on Feb 18 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on May 12 2011 . a chicken. Australian slang. Variant of chook.

  • Why are converse called Chuck Taylors?

  • Converse All Star sneakers were first released in 1917, and basketball star Charles 鈥淐huck Taylor became a Converse shoe salesman in 1921. Within a year, he inspired a restyling of the brand’s basketball shoe, which led to the nickname Chuck Taylors..

  • Are Chuck Taylor shoes used in movies?

  • The ChucksConnection has identified hundreds of feature films, television series, music videos, and short films or videos where chucks make an appearance. We have hundreds of full length reviews that document and discuss the impact of Chuck Taylor All Star shoes in these productions.

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