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  • Are Chuck Taylor shoes unisex?

  • Despite all of the innovations and changes in the athletic shoe industry, Chuck Taylor athletic shoes continue to live on! Thousands of pairs of high top and low cut chucks are still sold each week worldwide. Because they are a unisex design, the same sneakers are worn by both men and women, girls and boys.

  • What is chucks?

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  • What is the history of Converse Chuck Taylor basketball shoes?

  • The History of the Converse All Star 鈥淐huck Taylor鈥?Basketball Shoe. They were considered a leisure shoe and now were purchased because they were fashionable. Converse responded by manufacturing chucks in hundreds of different variations that included prints, patterns, unusual colors, and special models for different age groups.

  • Is this the first vintage high top Chuck Chuck ever made?

  • This wasn鈥檛 the first time that this had been done. In 2008, the Japanese Converse Company issued an optical white high top based on vintage standards, but this is the first time that a line of chucks based on vintage standards has been produced for the US market.

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