what is a 10.5 in european shoe size

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  • What is the European shoe size chart for men?

  • Men鈥檚 European Shoe Size Chart + Conversions. When comparing EU shoe sizes to US, it is a good rule of thumb to pick the larger size of the EU conversion. This is mainly because the EU shoe sizes only differ very slightly as their sizes go up. As for converions, a size EU 41 will convert to a US mens size 8.

  • What is a size 39 EU men’s shoe in cm/9 inches?

  • Measured out, a size 39 EU men鈥檚 shoe is 24.1 CM/ 9 Inches. To see more EU conversions, you should check out my guide on EU to UK shoe conversions which goes into more detail.

  • How to convert US shoe size to EU size?

  • The easiest way to convert a US women鈥檚 shoe size to EU size is to add 30-31 to your existing US size. If you are wearing a US womens size 9, for example, then in EU size, a size 39 to 40 will probably be the best fit for you.

  • What size is 9 in UK shoe size?

  • Hence, a US women鈥檚 shoe size 9, corresponds to a UK size 7 and a US men鈥檚 shoe size 10.5 to a UK men鈥檚 shoe size 10. However, some manufacturers and companies do things differently, so make sure to consult these UK to US shoe size charts whenever you鈥檙e shopping for shoes.

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