what is 9c shoe size

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UK size 8.5

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  • What is a 9c shoe size in UK?

  • International children鈥檚 shoe size conversion: Let鈥檚 take a US shoe size 9C, for example. Following this chart, we can see that a US 9C shoe size is a UK size 8.5, which is quite similar. However, it鈥檚 a Euro size 26.

  • How big are kids shoe sizes in the UK?

  • Kids Shoe Size Conversion Foot length in Inches US Kids Shoe size UK Shoe Size Kids Euro Shoe Size Kids Centimeters 3 1/2 US 0.5C UK 0 EU 15 9.0 cm 3 5/8 US 1C UK 0.5 EU 15.5 9.3 cm 3 7/8 US 1.5C UK 1 EU 16 9.7 cm 4 US 2C UK 1.5 EU 16.5 10.0 cm 34 more rows …

  • Is American shoe size 8 the same in the UK?

  • A size 8 US shoe is a size UK shoe, and so on. Consult with the above charts and calculators, and you鈥檒l be able to make sure you choose the right UK shoe size, based on your US shoe size. Is American Shoe Size Same As Canada?

  • Are US shoe sizes the same in Canada?

  • Canadian size for children鈥檚, mens, and womens shoes are identical to US sizes 鈥?so there is no conversion necessary. As long as you know your child鈥檚 US size, you鈥檒l know their Canadian size! Are boys and girls shoe sizes the same? Yes, boys and girls shoes are the same! Unlike with adult sizes, there is no seperate boys shoe size chart.

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