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  • What does Macbeth Footwear mean?

  • Macbeth Footwear (previously known as Macbeth Athletics ) is a company founded by Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus of Blink-182. They founded the company in 2002-2003.

  • Why did Macbeth make their first shoe?

  • They desired to meet the demand for fashion-forward shoes that showed the culture of rock music. Macbeth鈥檚 first shoe was called The Eliot and fit the vegan lifestyle. Macbeth develops its products with quality materials from synthetic leather, processed vegetable fibers, and water-made glue.

  • Are Macbeth shoes vegan?

  • Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Macbeth is its vegan products. Macbeth was on a mission to reduce any negative impact on the environment from its operations that it chose to produce a vegan collection of recycled canvas shoes and footwear. Ultimately, 70% of Macbeth鈥檚 footwear collection is vegan.

  • Who is behind Macbeth?

  • With rock music as their muse, DeLonge and Humphrey assembled a talented group of friends to create more then just a footwear company, but an entire lifestyle. Inspired by the world around us, Macbeth fuses the active Southern California lifestyle with passion for music and art to create classic product for the modern rebel.

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