what happened to athena alexander shoes

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  • What is Athena Alexander?

  • Athena Alexander is a fashionable and comfortable line of women’s sandals from JA Shoe Company, Inc. Using high quality materials imported from Italy, JA has been manufacturing shoes for nearly three decades. Whether your taste is sophisticated or fun, you’re sure to find a flattering silhouette in the Athena Alexander collection.

  • How much does an Athena Alexander sandal cost?

  • Athena Alexander Women’s Samba Wedge Sandal $52.12鈥?2.80 Athena Alexander Women’s TOMIE $53.60鈥?7.41

  • Why choose Athena Alexander Roxi sandals?

  • There are a million reasons why fashionistas will want to sport the Roxi sandal from Athena Alexander every day. For one, its padded footbed makes the tall heel more walkable, and two, its sparkling jewel-encrusted straps will keep them right where they want to be– in the center of attention.

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