what happened to athena alexander shoes

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  • How much do Athena Alexander sandals cost?

  • Athena Alexander Women’s CECE Heeled Sandal $57.14鈥?7.28 Athena Alexander Women’s Nadiah Platform Dress Sandal $32.89鈥?8.98 Athena Alexander Women’s SYDRA Wedge Sandal $20.07鈥?3.18

  • What is Athena Alexander?

  • Athena Alexander is a fashionable and comfortable line of women’s sandals from JA Shoe Company, Inc. Using high quality materials imported from Italy, JA has been manufacturing shoes for nearly three decades. Whether your taste is sophisticated or fun, you’re sure to find a flattering silhouette in the Athena Alexander collection.

  • What size are Athena Alexander espadrille style shoes?

  • Size 9 NWT Athena Alexander Espadrille Style Shoes. Athena Alexander Hand Made Leaf Design Slip-On Leather Sandals Pink Size鈥?/div>Athena Alexander Shoes for Women – Poshmark

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