what does b shoe size mean

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Between 3.6 and 4.1 inches

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  • What does B mean in shoe width?

  • B is actually a very common width letter in shoe sizing for women. It鈥檚 just normal, regular or average width and not always noted. Alas, for men, B means narrow width. What Does C Mean in Shoe Width? The letter C in shoe width is seen less often. However, it鈥檚 usually classified as a wide width for women, but narrow for men.

  • What does BM mean on a shoe?

  • The letter 鈥淢鈥?on a women鈥檚 shoe means the shoe has a medium-sized width. The width won鈥檛 be too narrow or too wide. BM means the same thing for a women鈥檚 shoe. D or DM means a men鈥檚 shoe has a medium width.

  • What does D mean in shoe size?

  • D Width. The D width is commonly considered to be medium width for men鈥檚 shoes and wide for women鈥檚 shoes. For men, shoes that are not labeled as being wide or narrow are typically D width. D width translates to between 3 and 5 inches across at the ball of your foot, but is usually around 4 to 4.5 inches width.

  • What is the difference between m and B in shoes?

  • The abbreviations M and B have the same meaning in this case. Because M stands for 鈥渕edium,鈥?it can be used in place of B, which refers to the standard width of women鈥檚 shoes. Similarly, the letter W (Wide) will be used instead of C/D for wide women鈥檚 shoes, which denotes a large size.

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