what are children’s shoe sizes

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Kids鈥?shoes range from size0C (newborns) to kids鈥?size 13C (approx. 6 years), then from 1Y to 7Y (10 鈥?12 years). Kids鈥?sizes stop at size 7Y. After that, kids have to move up to men鈥檚 shoes, sizes 7.5 and up, or women鈥檚, 8.5 and up.

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  • What size are little kid shoe sizes?

  • Little kid shoe sizes typically are for kids between the ages of 4-8, and usually ranges from size 10-3 鈥?which corresponds to a foot length of 6.5-8.5 inches.

  • How are children鈥檚 shoes sized in Europe?

  • If you are buying a children鈥檚 shoe that uses the European sizing system the notation system is the same for babies, children, and adults. NOTE: From this size onward, shoes are sized as standard Men鈥檚 shoes starting at 鈥?鈥? You can find the standard women鈥檚 size equivalent by adding 1.5 to the size.

  • Why listing charts with kids鈥?shoe sizes to adults鈥?shoe sizes?

  • Listing charts and guides with Kids鈥?Shoe Sizes to Adults鈥?Shoe Sizes has many reasons. At a certain age, our kids鈥?feet grow into adults鈥?shoe sizes. However, as an adult, it might be interesting to check out children鈥檚 size as well. Find below a chart that handles conversion between Kids鈥?shoe Sizes to Adult鈥檚 Shoe Sizes.

  • What is a size 1 shoe for a 7 year old?

  • Shoes for bigger kids start at size 1 and run up to 7, creating the confusing fact that a size 1 shoe (in big kids’ sizes) is the next size up from a size 13 shoe (in little kids’ sizes). Sometimes shoe brands will help you out by having their 1鈥? toddler sizes marked with 鈥淭鈥?and their other sizes designated as 鈥淜ids.鈥?/div>Kids Shoe Sizes – Charts How to Fit | REI Co-op

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