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  • What is the difference between hiking and Approach shoes?

  • Well, approach shoes are not that dissimilar to a standard hiking shoe or even some trail running shoes, but they have a couple of important differences. The first is that they are normally shod with the same rubber used on climbing shoes, which is a softer, more sticky compound that gives way more grip on rocky terrain.

  • What type of approach shoe should I get?

  • In general, the more technical your terrain, such as snow, scree, or steep trail, the more you will benefit from a stiffer approach shoe (examples include shoes in our mountain category like the Salewa Mountain Trainer 2 GTX ).

  • What are Approach shoes made of?

  • The majority of approach shoes, similar to climbing shoes, are made with a leather upper. Without getting too deep into technicalities, suede, leather, and Nubuck are all derived from the same material and generally perform similarly.

  • How do I care for my approach shoes?

  • If you have approach shoes with a leather upper, it is wise to treat them with a leather conditioning/waterproofing product. If not treated, leather can absorb water, making it heavy and more prone to stretch and shrink. Nikwax and Gear Aid both have a full line-up of products that will do the trick.

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