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  • What shoes should every man own by 30?

  • Easily recognizable by the elastic sides, the Chelsea boot is another staple of men’s footwear and shoe every man should own by 30. Initially, Queen Victoria had the Chelsea boot made for her because she struggled with regular boots.

  • How many dress shoes does a man need?

  • Dress shoes can make or break your outfit, gentlemen. They’re arguably the most important investment a man can make in his closet. Luckily, you only need 5 pairs of dress shoes to upgrade your shoe game.

  • What are the most stylish shoes for men?

  • A nice cap-toe Oxford or Derby is my recommendation for a first dress shoe. The Oxford and Derby are men鈥檚 style essentials. They鈥檙e sleek, they鈥檙e dressy, and separate the men from the boys. 6. The Brown Leather Boot Rounding out the top 6 essential stylish shoes for men is the brown leather boot. A brown pair of leather boots makes the cut]

  • How important are shoes for men?

  • Shoes are important鈥攑erhaps, the most important item of clothing in a man鈥檚 wardrobe, which is why I鈥檝e compiled this list of essential shoes for men. Besides nailing the fit, I鈥檇 say that most men should first start with investing in a few quality pairs of shoes.

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