is it illegal to buy fake shoes

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  • Is it illegal to sell fake designer shoes?

  • It is illegal to sell shoes that are exact replicas of designer brands under the guise of authenticity. However, it is not illegal to sell replicants (knock-offs) that are similar, not identical, to the real thing providing you make no claims that the items are authentic.

  • What are counterfeit goods and why are they illegal?

  • Counterfeit goods are pretending to actually be from the expensive brand, not just copying the design, which is why they are illegal. While lots of us buy them knowing they’re fake, there are also problems with people being duped (especially online) and spending big money on fake products.

  • Are you doing any harm by buying counterfeit designer goods?

  • Some people feel that they’re not doing any harm by buying counterfeit items, because the real designers have plenty of money. But this argument doesn’t stack up because the money made from buying fakes often ends up funding organised crime.

  • Can you get in trouble if you buy fake goods?

  • The City of London police says: ‘Many fraudsters use the proceeds from selling counterfeit goods to fund drug dealing or other types of organised crime.’ You are unlikely to get into legal trouble if you buy fake goods, but that still doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea.

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