is it illegal to buy fake shoes

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  • Is it illegal to sell fake designer shoes?

  • It is illegal to sell shoes that are exact replicas of designer brands under the guise of authenticity. However, it is not illegal to sell replicants (knock-offs) that are similar, not identical, to the real thing providing you make no claims that the items are authentic.

  • How can I tell if my shoes are real or fake?

  • 飦?Check the SKU number displayed on the box, it should be identical to the one on the shoe-if not, you鈥檙e probably in possession of a pair of replicas. 飦?Check the labels attached to the inside of the shoes. The tongue label will have the design date printed on it.

  • Are there any vintage Nike shoes that are no longer in production?

  • 飦?Vintage Nike shoes which are no longer produced are rarely available in a full sizing run. So, bear in mind, when this particular item becomes your quest, any site offering 150 pairs in stock is probably selling counterfeit Nike鈥檚. 飦?If it seems to good to be true, the shoe you鈥檙e looking at is a fake.

  • What does buying counterfeit goods say about you?

  • As if buying counterfeit goods says anything about a person aside from how much disposable income they have or how much they鈥檙e willing to spend on an item of clothing.

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