how to wear supra shoes with jeans

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  • How to wear sneakers with jeans?

  • Use the sneakers to add a pop of color and show your sense of style. For the jeans, go with a solid color, like light or dark blue, white, or black. Then pair them with a pair of vibrantly-colored sneakers, or a pair that has a bold pattern. Break out those cool shoes that you鈥檝e been looking for an excuse to wear!

  • Can you wear jeans with high-top sneakers?

  • These jeans have a little more room through the leg and don鈥檛 taper as much, which means they won鈥檛 clash with high-top sneakers. You can choose to wear the pants so they cover the top of the shoe, or cuff them to show that part off. Either way, you’ll look great!

  • What shoes should you wear with jeans?

  • Pair your jeans with a pair of monk straps, brogues, or tasseled loafers for a look that will seriously turn heads. Like the famous Bob Dylan song, The Times They Are a Changin鈥? it鈥檚 time to break the mold when it comes to your black dress shoes.

  • How to wear high tops with jeans?

  • Try black or navy jeans with colorful high top sneakers. Go for a slim-cut pair of jeans in a dark color, like black or navy, with straight legs. Wear them with a bright pair of oversized vintage-style high tops.

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