how to wash your shoes in the washer

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Place the shoes in a mesh bag or pillow case. The bag will help protect the shoes. …Add extra padding in the washing machine to cushion the shoes. Wash your shoes along with at least 2 large bath towels.Wash the shoes,insoles,and laces using the gentle cycle. …Air dry the shoes. Take the shoes,laces,and insoles out of the washing machine. Place the shoes in an open-air area to dry for 24 hours before wearing.

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  • How to wash shoes in the washing machine?

  • How to wash shoes in your washing machine 1 First, remove the laces and/or insoles from your shoes. 2 Your shoelaces can be washed in the washing machine, as long as you put them into a mesh garment bag that is zippered or secured shut. … 3 Wash your insoles separately unless otherwise stated in the care instructions. … More items…

  • Can you put shoes in the washing machine with laces?

  • You will want to wash your shoes, laces, and insoles separately as this will cut down on the drying time later. You can, however, wash your laces with your shoes in the washing machine, but doing so with your insoles will leave them water-logged for days.

  • How do you keep shoes from fading in the wash?

  • Rather than opting for a warm wash, keep the water temperature at a cooler 30 degrees to prevent the colours of your shoes running or fading. This is especially important if you鈥檙e washing PU or PVC, as you don鈥檛 want to damage the coating. Use a good colour detergent, like Persil Colour Washing Capsules.

  • How long do you let shoes dry after washing?

  • After you鈥檝e washed the shoes, it鈥檚 time to let them dry. Take the insoles, laces, and shoes out of the washer and place them in a sunny, warm, and open-air area where they can dry for at least 24 hours. You can help speed up the drying process by stuffing the shoes with a few balls of newspaper.

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