how to wash shoes

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Wash your shoes on a delicate cycle withcold water,then let them air dry. To hand wash leather,vinyl,or rubber shoes,first remove the laces and soak them in soapy water. Then,scrub the outside of your shoes with a soft-bristled brush,like a clean toothbrush,to remove any dirt and debris.

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  • How do you wash shoes without a washing machine?

  • Wash them by hand instead. To hand wash your shoes, fill a sink basin or a bucket with warm soapy water. Like the machine washing method, remove the laces and insoles and clean off any excess mud or dirt from the sides or soles.

  • How can I clean the inside of my Shoes?

  • If your shoes cannot be washed fully (either in the machine or by hand) then an old toothbrush can be used to remove obvious surface dirt. You may also be able to use a damp cloth as an alternative to washing.

  • Can You Wash shoes with the laces on?

  • Remove the laces and insoles. You will want to wash your shoes, laces, and insoles separately as this will cut down on the drying time later. You can, however, wash your laces with your shoes in the washing machine, but doing so with your insoles will leave them water-logged for days.

  • How often should you wash your shoes in the washing machine?

  • Warnings Because of the risk of damaging shoes in a washing machine, it may be best to wash them no more than once a year, or if they get very dirty. If the shoes are expensive or delicate, it may be best to hand wash them or take them to a professional cleaner.

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