how to tell if shoes are too big

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To help you figure out if your shoes are indeed too big,here are a few key points to look at: Although you won鈥檛 feel the tightness and pressure similar to what you鈥檇 experience in small sizes,there can be discomfort.The shoe might slide around on your foot,whether it鈥檚 back and forth or side to side.

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  • How do I know if my dress shoes are too big?

  • If your feet are only comfortable when you pull the laces extra tight, the shoes are likely too wide for you. Another tip when you first put dress shoes on is to try a finger test. If you can fit more than one finger behind your heel with your toes touching the top of the shoe, the shoes are too long for you.

  • Are your shoes too big for your feet?

  • Shoes that are too big do have their own problems, and we have explained them below; Alteration of Natural Stride: The use of shoes that are too big for your feet will mean you have to walk in awkward, and frankly unnatural ways to compensate for the excess space in your shoes. The result?

  • How do you know if a shoe is right for You?

  • If the shoe fits properly, you should be able to feel your big toe, and also feel a little space between your toes and the shoe. If you can press the toe box down till it鈥檚 no longer a toe box but a footbed, then the shoe is not for you.

  • What happens if you wear the wrong size of shoes?

  • Falling/Slipping: Wearing shoes that are too large means you have little to no control over your own walking gait, and on slippery surfaces, this will almost always result in a fall.

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