how to stop socks from bunching up in shoes

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The other reason includes your socks have lost elasticity, or your shoes are too big for your feet. To stop socks from sliding down in shoes or boots, trywearing tall sockswith thinner styles that won鈥檛 bunch up on themselves. The crew-cut style also helps to prevent them from sliding.

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  • Why do my ankle socks slip down when I wear sneakers?

  • I think this happens because your shoes are a bit too large. Try more snugly fitting shoes, and it shouldn鈥檛 happen. 90% of the ankle socks I wear with sneakers stay put but the other 10% slip down. My shoes fit properly; it is the nature of the socks. The slippers are slightly thinner and sleazier than the non-slippers.

  • How to keep your socks up?

  • Basically, there are three main characteristics to consider. The most important thing in keeping your socks up is length. Unfortunately, most men鈥檚 dress socks are only mid calf or shorter, and those socks will always slide down no matter what you do with them unless you go to a different solution like shirt suspenders.

  • Why do cheaper socks pull down?

  • Cheaper socks usually come with a cheaper, stronger elastic but it鈥檚 actually so strong that it pulls down your sock because it鈥檚 not perfectly sized for your foot. At Fort Belvedere, we really like natural materials, and we always try to stay away from nylons or polyesters or anything artificial, however, with socks, you need them to stay up.

  • Is it good to skimp on shoes and socks?

  • You may end up spending an unconscionable amount of money on socks and shoes to get the right combination, but irritations and injuries from bad fitting footwear can really be expensive, both to your pocketbook and your health. You only have one pair of feet and you need to take care of them. It is not good to skimp on footwear.

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