how to protect shoes in storage

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Spray your shoes with a spray bottle containing water and anti-bacterial soap. This will prevent bacteria and odor build-up in the storage unit. If you are storing your shoes in a storage unit, make sure to allow them to dry before putting them away.

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  • Can you store shoes in a storage unit?

  • Shoes are quite fragile, meaning they need a little extra care to make it through storage. Follow this step-by-step process, and you鈥檒l know the best way to store shoes and how to pack your shoes in a storage unit. When it comes to knowing how to store shores, keep in mind that storage units can be incredibly harsh spaces.

  • What is the best way to store shoes for longevity?

  • It doesn鈥檛 seem like much, but this is hands-down the most effective way to store shoes from a longevity standpoint. Let鈥檚 dive a little bit deeper into each of the aforementioned steps: Store your leather or suede shoes with shoes trees in them, always.

  • How can I organize my shoes to save space?

  • If you want to save space while also keeping your shoes in good condition, try purchasing a shoe rack or repurposing a wooden ladder into a shoe rack. To see more storage ideas and tips on stacking shoes to save space, read on!

  • How do you store shoes on a ladder?

  • Line up your shoes on the rungs of the ladder for easy storage. Another great solution is to get a wooden pallet from a home improvement store. Mount the pallet to your wall ( use a stud-finder to make sure you mount it securely with screws) and store your shoes by inserting the tips of the shoes into the slats.

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