how to polish and shine shoes

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Hair jell

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  • How to polish shoes properly?

  • Use a cloth or polishing brush. The best way to apply shoe polish is with a soft cloth, as mentioned above, or with a polishing brush. Apply the polish with small circular motions while using medium pressure. Coat all surfaces of your shoes evenly.

  • How do you restore the shine to shoes?

  • Clean the shoes with a horsehair brush, or wipe them down a dampened cloth, but be sure to let the shoes dry completely if you do this. Apply the polish to the shoes in a circular motion using an old t-shirt or a polishing brush. Pay special attention to the heel and the toe, which get the most wear.

  • What do I need to clean my shoes?

  • You will need: 1 Newspaper or an old towel 2 A horsehair shoe brush 3 A dry, cotton cloth 4 Leather conditioner/cleaner 5 Shoe cream and /or wax polish More …

  • How do you use a spritzing cloth to shine shoes?

  • The spritzing cloth uses friction to create heat. The heat and water on the shoe makes it shine. In place of a spritzing cloth, you can lightly wet a few cotton balls and dip them in shoe polish. Work the cotton balls into the toe of the shoe with circular motions until they shine.

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