how to polish and shine shoes

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Hair jell

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  • How to polish shoes properly?

  • Use a cloth or polishing brush. The best way to apply shoe polish is with a soft cloth, as mentioned above, or with a polishing brush. Apply the polish with small circular motions while using medium pressure. Coat all surfaces of your shoes evenly.

  • How can I Make my Shoes Shine?

  • After the cream has dried, take either a large horsehair brush or a dry, soft cloth and buff the shoes. Apply gentle pressure and use the same motion that you did in step two. They should start shining pretty much immediately.

  • How to polish shoes with a Dust Rag?

  • To put the finishing touches on your shoe, you want to take your dust rag and lightly polish the tip of the shoe with the soft side of the dust rag (picture 1). Do this as the final step on the shoe and you will be looking good! (picture 2) after you finish all of these steps for the first shoe, repeat everything from Step 2 to Step 8 (picture 3).

  • How to polish shoes with a horsehair brush?

  • A horsehair brush makes it easier to clean away the dirt from your shoes before you polish them. You can also use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the shoe while removing dirt and grime. Just make sure to let your shoes completely dry before you move on to subsequent steps such as applying polish. 3. Apply shoe polish

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