how to measure your foot for shoe size

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Follow these steps to measure your feet and find a pair of shoes with the right width:Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your bare foot.Place a foot on the ground as if you were standing normally.Mark the width of your foot in millimeters on the tape measure.Use this measurement to determine the shoe width you need.

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  • How to measure your shoe size?

  • Use a tape measure or ruler to measure from the top to bottom. Write this number down. This number will largely determine your shoe size. Measure the width of your foot. Measure between the lines on the left and right sides and write the number down.

  • How do you measure your feet to find your true size?

  • Measure end-to-end across the ball of your left foot for width. Take the larger of the two numbers for your true foot width. Use your true foot length and true foot width to find your true shoe size. (The charts included later in this article will help you do that).

  • How do you convert feet to cm in shoe size?

  • In the Shoe Size Converter, simply select Foot length in inches. The calculator converts the inches into centimetres (1 inch = 2.54 cm) and then it also converts the foot length into the sizes of other shoe size systems using the international ISO formula based on centimetres.

  • How do you measure the length of a foot on paper?

  • Mark the length and width of your foot on the paper. Use your marker to draw straight line touching each side of the outline. Measure the length of your foot. Use a tape measure or ruler to measure from the top to bottom.

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