how to measure insole of shoe

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Another way to measure the insole is byusing your hand. First, place your hand on the floor with your palm facing down. Then, place the heel of your shoe against the base of your thumb.

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  • How do you measure insoles?

  • To properly measure your insoles for a good fit, you鈥檙e going to need to start with the pair of shoes you own that fit you best. Slide the 鈥渮ero鈥?end of the tape measure carefully into your shoe. Use your fingers to feed it forward into the toe of the shoe until the edge of the tape measure meets the forward edge of the shoe.

  • How do you measure the inside of a shoe?

  • Stretch it evenly across the widest part of the shoe, then note the measurements at each edge. Subtract the smaller measurement from the larger to get the actual distance between them. This is your insole width and also the inside shoe width of the shoe you鈥檙e measuring.

  • Why is it important to Know Your insole size?

  • No matter how sure you are of your shoe size, it is still pretty important to know what your insole size is, specifically when buying sandals or shoes from a brand unknown to you as well as to achieve an optimum fit in the future. These measurements are a also a key factor when shopping for off-the-shelf orthopaedic insoles.

  • How long should the insole of a shoe be?

  • It is also accepted that the insole should be at least half a centimetre longer than the length of your foot. So if, after measuring, you find that your foot is 24 cm long, which is shoe size 37, you should add half a centimetre and choose size 38 shoes instead. The same applies to men’s shoes.

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